If You Read this Line: ‘Wellness Conferences for the Evolution of Consciousness’

Does this Bring UFO’s and Aliens to Mind?

Is There a Benefit to Becoming Aware and Informed About Our Cosmic Cultures?

The Answer is a Resounding Yes.

Across the America’s we have been witnessing that attitudes about life and the universe has radically changed and continues too. In the United States, more than 50% of population believe in UFO’s and Aliens. This also reflects our circumstance from a global scale.

We are no longer a minority group. More than 50% of mankind across the planet understand that this is the missing link that unites us. Our common bond, and it is common sense.

The UFO and Alien phenomena is at the root of humanity. Our genetic family-tree bloodline is much more vast, mysterious, and profound than what we were taught. Whether some accept or reject this information, we all live on one planet – this is a part of all of our reality. This is the deepest secret withheld about our known human written history.

Is it healthy to question and even reject dysfunctional paradigms that are not inclusive, equitable and harmonious?

Absolutely. It’s important to listen to your gut intuitive senses.

The word “Holistic” comes from the Greek word “Holos” and refers to seeing reality as composed of integrated wholes, whose properties cannot be reduced to smaller units.

Holistic is an attitude that recognizes that everything is part of a greater whole and therefore not only are we affected by our environment and also have an impact on our surroundings, but our growth as individuals requires moving from seeing parts – to seeing the greater whole that contains those parts.

I would like to invite Susie Ellis, Chairman and CEO of the Global Wellness Institute, to consider completing a wellness tourism statistic study on UFO and Alien Conferences around the world. The first thing the Global Wellness Institute would realize is how many people view UFO and Alien conferences as personal development, education, and that people travel far distances around the world in order to attend these nourishing, mind-expansive, educational conferences.

More and more individuals consider UFO and Alien conferences as a part of Wellness because this is directly linked to the evolution of our consciousness and it is our birthright to know what we are a part of. This is a profound subject. This is life changing. If they would acknowledge this study in their statistics, The Global Wellness Institute would discover that they could actually serve in accelerating the awakening.

As Jiddu Krishmamurti once said “It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profound sick society.”

ufo-alien-conferences-part-global-wellness-sabrina-steczko-nassim-haramein-CITD-2019            ufo-alien-conferences-part-global-wellness-sabrina-steczko-brien-foerster-CITD-2019

We are evolving from consciousness into cosmic consciousness. This Matrix illusion surrounds us with hidden agendas from all corners of this foundation. Which has been slowly falling. In many areas, this foundation no longer holds up because century after century, we came to realize that there are many mistakes in the old model.

Secondly, there is an unstoppable inner wave that is rippling out from deep within every single cell inside every individual on earth. The awakening about our origins and who we really are. The awakening of coherence between brain and heart. This activation uplifts us directly and personally. Also, indirectly, because our higher vibrational frequencies automatically affects the world around us everywhere we go.

In three years, four women will set foot on Mars. We are not investing billions just for fun exploration. We are colonizing. Our future is in space. It’s the origins of where we come from.

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Is it healthy to want to be informed, seek wholeness, peace and cosmic consciousness as we move through this shifting paradigm?

Absolutely, yes!

Welcome to my first episode!

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