Occult Hidden Knowledge About the Sun?

History’s Forbidden Truths:  The Sun Gods vs. Governing Systems.

“We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.” – William Casey, Former CIA Director 1981

If you came to discover that our entire governing systems are purposely deceiving and completely corrupt…

Would You Start Reprogramming Yourself?  Or Stick with the Lies?

If the Sun is a wormhole/ stargate for UFO’s to travel into other intergalactic dimensions…

Would You Prefer to Know?

SOHO stands for Solar and Heliospheric Observatory and is a satellite that studies the Sun 24 hours a day, 365 days a year without interruptions. NASA launched SOHO in 1995, and the SDO Helioviewer launched in 2010. Both satellite’s have a website and are open to the public for whoever wishes to see the sun up close. Those who take the time to learn NASA’s website, to watch the sun, and have the recording equipment will witness things. It’s a question of sitting there and zooming in from various angles.

Activity around the sun has been ongoing. There is nothing new in this discovery. Just because now we are realizing this truth does not mean this is a new happening. It’s been this way since the beginning of all time.

The Sun and UFOs Nasa-SOHO-satellite 

Footages have captured objects on different occasions. Ships were seen navigating near the sun such as reported in Weird or What?  with host William Shatner, who presented a piece with Nassim Haramein who showed viewers NASA footage of intelligently operated crafts that are piercing right into the sun. These are not comets. Because comets, or any celestial body, would disintegrate burning as it approaches the sun, and would leave a trail of smoke behind them. These objects leave no trail at all, they are brilliantly shinny like the sun, and manoeuvre in such a way that clearly demonstrates what they are. UFOs. That are many times bigger than earth.

Tyler from SecureTeam10 did a great report with footage from the SDO Helioviewer that was sent to him of a spherical ship 100 times the size of earth that was sucking plasma from the sun, then detached and flew away. This happened in both March 2012 and it returned again in January 2016. Recently, June 8 2019, Scott C. Waring-Taiwan from ET Data Base captured a massive cigar shaped, rod or disk, coming out of the sun.

Everyone has heard about Black Holes. But what about White Holes, are they real? 

There is countless proof captured on video, in photos, and especially ancient sites around the world have all the clues of unimaginable highly advanced machinery and technology, that come from the Sun gods who fashioned this world in the very beginning of all time before humans were engineered.

The-Sun-Wormhole-Stargate-for-UFOs-dendera-egypt-hathor-temple-ceiling     The Sun is a Wormhole-dendera-egypt-hathor-temple-ceiling-feet     

Hathor Temple in Dendera Egypt is filled with allegory to decode, the symbolism of the depictions are crisp and clear. The whole complex itself is a library about our history, and right there on the ceiling in the main entrance, the story of our Connected Universe is revealed. The ceiling does not only depict the creation of man and civilization – it depicts the many different Beings who traveled here, and the means they used to do so.


Let us not forget the existence of the ancient Mayan stones, one with a clear depiction of a triangle inside the sun with ships and planets next to it. Another stone depicts a planet with an atmosphere, the moon, a comet and ships. One ship has a blown out representation of what is inside the cockpit, and we clearly see a human figure in a spacesuit laying on his back ready for takeoff. All this you will see in my second episode posted here below:  All Sun’s Connect: They are One Solar Highway [Stargate] to Travel into other Dimensions

Has Our Entire Existence Been Carefully Planned?

The oldest scriptures found on earth derive from Sumeria, Egypt and India, and we trace allegorical depictions in architecture, statues, and artifacts in Egypt, India, China, MexicoGuatemala and Peru to name a few, and what they all commonly share is that they all speak of, or depict clearly – the same one phenomena – otherworldly beings that came down to earth from the celestial heavens.

What about Puma Punku in Bolivia? Remarkable ruins of perfect precision. These ruins are traces of advanced technology way beyond our comprehension. Way beyond our capacity to reproduce. What about the mystery of all megaliths around the globe? Let’s not forget the submerged massive rock formation off the coast of Yonaguni, the southernmost of the Ryukyu Islands, in Japan. All these stones, all these sites, all these bread crumbs lead to one road.

After the passing of the Sun gods, Sumerian tablets speak of the arrival of the Annunaki, who came to earth seeking for gold to repair the atmosphere of their planet Nibiru aka Marduk. Technological masters of genetic engineering they created a slave race to accomplish this task, collecting the gold for them. They took the genetics of earth’s primitive ancient human and added their own. The tablets do speak of them returning to earth one day.

The complexity of the human body is remarkable it is a perfectly designed organism. An electro-magnetic biological computer interwoven within many invisible spheres of dimensions. There were many experiments before us, and again we shall metamorphosis in our future. This will be necessary in order to adapt to new environments.

Exciting times are to come! There is a change in attitude within the governing systems because a certain percentage of government employees want this information to come out. Remember Wernher von Braun’s 1956 space station Walt Disney special?

We will end up traveling in space for vacation destinations on touristic space stations. Right now, Virgin Galactic offer civilians an opportunity to experience 6 minutes of weightlessness in orbit, this is just the stepping stone. Then will follow the adventure of navigating the dark cosmic sea for longer journeys, visit other planets, to then live permanently in space or on other planets in other dimensions – but this Space Age – the governing superpowers want to control.

The governing system has both a light and dark side, the fact that there is discussion and development of technologies to create a system seeking to chip us to trace us, in order to tax us, and continue owning our existence by making money with us. This does not feel right with many. There are good and not so good aspects to this. Are we still slaves to a greed money-machine? Yes, we are, until fossil fuel is left where it belongs, in the earth.

Thankfully many billionaires such as Robert Bigalow, Richard Branson, Elon Musk, Tom Delong, and Jeff Bezos to name a few. All are investing in space and this is taking away the dominion from the governing system. This is a good thing.

We have been programmed to see our superpowers as heroes, to believe that “we” are capable of anything. That “we” our nation have the answer and solution to any problem. But the superpowers believe that “we” the citizens can’t handle the Truth?

Why seek to lie and deceive every American about everything in the first place?
Deception. Control. Power over. Manipulation. Mind control.

But since we Do Know that we are Not Alone in the universe – if we can grasp this – there is no “power over” anyone anymore.

Yes. We can handle the truth.

And, we can help others to awaken in order to create a Tidal Wave of high demand for Sustainable Zero Point Free Energy Systems – let’s demand this market into being!

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