Yoga & SoundWave Yoga

What is Yoga?

The definition of the word yoga in Sanskrit is “yoke” and represents “union,” hence the purpose of yoga is union of body, mind, and spirit as a whole and to raise awareness. Yoga includes physical, mental, and spiritual practices that are focused at transforming body and mind.

Yoga denotes a variety of schools, practices, and objectives. Yoga it’s not a religion. It has no creed, or fixed set of beliefs, nor is there a godlike figure. Practicing yoga will not interfere with any religion either, in fact, it will enhance the individual’s connection to spirit, and deepen their understanding of them Self. Yoga’s core philosophy is that everything is provided from within.

5,000 years ago, in India, yoga was mainly a practice for—young men—in training. The postures strengthened their bodies so that they could sit for long hours at a time in meditation. The postures harmonized the energy in their bodies so that their minds could rest in the present moment with complete awareness. While women stayed with their family and practiced traditional Indian dances to maintain equilibrium of their body, mind, and spirit.

In today’s day and age, with current work and family demands, the benefits of yoga has become to manage stress and transform the body. Yoga is now viewed as a practice for building physical core strength for proper posture, and to de-stress from the fast-pace of our modern life.

Yoga is a system of techniques that is beneficial for many objectives, such as shutting off or tuning down the multi-tasking thinking mind to manage stress better, learning to breathe correctly, learning to relax, increasing flexibility, becoming more self-aware, and acquiring the higher knowledge within one self.

What is Kriya?

Kriya means a “sequence of movements” and “completed action,” technique or practice within a yoga discipline meant to achieve a specific result and refers to the conscious interfacing with energy so that it moves through the body.  The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali 2.1 defines three types of Kriya, namely asceticism, recitation, and devotion to the lord.

The yoga of such actions is called Kriya Yoga, and Mahavatar Babaji Nagaraj is the father of both Kriya yoga and Tantric Kriya yoga. There is a distinction between both.

Asanas:  postures to purify the physical vehicle.
Pranayama:  breathing techniques to expand consciousness.
Dhyana:  meditation to attune yourself to the Divine current.
Mantras:  transcendent sounds which resonate in the body.
Yantras:  visual manifestations of mantras.
Mudras:  gestures or hand positions to activate body currents.
Bandhas:  energy locks to conserve and move pranic energy.
Maithuma:  sitting in lotus position face to face, sexual union, rite for lovers. (From some Tantric traditions perspective say sexual energy is the pathway to activate Kundalini. Kundalini happens when the whole nervous system, the endocrine system, and the 37.2 trillion cells inside your body are fully cleansed and activated. In Yogi Bhajan’s White Tantric Yoga there is no emphasis on sexual energy per se, teachers speak of the connectivity of the whole).

What is SoundWave Yoga?

SoundWave Yoga (acronym SWY): ‘Sound Nutrition for Harmonic Living’  is a carefully designed Formula and Process for achieving and maintaining optimal health and happiness.

What is included in the SoundWave Yoga?

The movement starts within oneself. It is a one year journey with a few months downtime in between each of the three steps to process and assimilate.

The Deep Dive: Lifestyle By Design the Cosmic Embodiment Roadmap to Self-Actualization is a one year intensive program because of its in-depth work found in the three step process (see below), along with the 8 weekly online group follow up calls, valuable content, exercises, assignments, resources, and more.
Step 1 – online program — TBA / 2020-2021
Step 2  weekend workshop (locations of the tour will be in Live Events) — TBA / 2020-2021
Step 3 – a sacred pilgrimage into the womb of Gaia to experience the 4-day intensive retreat (located in the Gatineau Hills in Quebec) — TBA / 2020-2021

What else is SoundWave Yoga involved in?

The broadcast of Cosmic Cultures TV,  a YouTube series providing wellness tips and tools to expand into your True Self.

Cosmic Cultures’ is the founder behind Global Resonance Movement and organizing the coming together of an Annual International Dance Flash Mob on Global Resonancne Day.

In other words, SoundWave Yoga represents Sabrina Steczko’s bliss and passion, while Cosmic Cultures represent Sabrina’s sense of responsibility and service. We also travel Canada read more. The intent is to build heart-centered and concsious-oriented communities in service to the Highest Good for all. We are paving the way towards a unified worldview. We are here to teach one another how to swim in this waterway as the currents of the world are changing.

What is Sabrina's Vision Statement?

The time-tested mindful and meditative techniques presented in our recordings and one year deep dive program are designed to realign the inner compass by attuning body and mind into synchronized equilibrium.

This roadmap will cleanse your subconscious mind, strengthen your nervous system, and harmonize your brainwaves because SoundWave Yoga‘s toolkit will allow you to breakthrough the ebb tide of multi-tasking thinking to cultivate a stress-free and calm mind.

Live the life you always desired. Trust and allow. Your time is now.

What is Sabrina's Mission?

Teach how to safely develop the Kundalini current because cultivating the Highest potential of the True Self leads to freedom, joy, peace, radiance and a vibrant lifestyle.

Bring individuals to breakthrough all stresses and challenges to live a more meaningful, productive, and fulfilling life personally and professionally.

What is Sabrina's definition of 'Warrior of Light' and 'Heart Warrior'?

Warrior of Light represents different meaning for different kinds of groups of people and bodies of philosophies. e.i.: martial arts practionners, pagans, hippies, feminists, etc. Different cultural beliefs will all have a different definition for this word. Some will see it as a positive word. Others not.

Many Indigos will resonate with this description. Sabrina’s definition of Warriors of Light represents advocates for Truth, who honor their heart’s deepest values. They are heart-centered conscious-oriented Indigos of all generations and types from all walks of life who peacefully stand up for the respect, reverence and healing of the planet. Who support social and environmental causes that can evoke and catapult the healing and transformation of society and the world at large. Much work to be done. They have a deep sense of mission and responsibility.

Some Warriors of Light are movers-n-shakers who exude outgoing energy, leadership skills, many with strong personalities, often athletes, artists, performers, actors, musicians, communicators, teachers, etc. Other Warriors of Light are social butterflies seeking tribe. While others are solitary, some homestead to live far from society. All different types exude a deep sense of mission and responsibility.

Qualities and Traits:  a person deeply in love with life, animals, and all natural things. Highly intuitive and sensitive to energies, healing aptitudes, highly creative, psychic faculties, leadership, loyalty, in-tune with the sensory system, humanitarians, environmental activists, many vegetariens or vegans, non-violence activists, a bit rebelious, adventurous, protectors of innocence and purity, guardians of truth and justice, brave and audacious heart-centered conscious-oriented individuals.

The Heart Warrior is a term that derives from the realm of transmuting emotions. It is sometimes hard to love that which is not so pure, love and light. To walk the path of The Heart Warrior refers to the practice of trying to remain centered in neutrality when darkness may surface either within us or without around us. The path of the Heart Warrior is an attitude ‘of service’, a non-judgmental, compassionate, supportive, and peaceful way of life. The perfect example is Buddist Monks, they embody the path of the Heart Warrior.

Is SoundWave Yoga a new Yoga style?

SoundWave Yoga is not a yoga style, it is a full journey, a process with different learning moments throughout the year filled with personal development exercises for the intent of transformation/healing. The formula involves many elements hence, SWY is not about yoga necessarily.

The word yoga means “union,” SWY reunites all aspects of your True Self and yoga is one part of this formula along with other modalities and practices from other holistic and shamanic traditions.

When it comes to our yoga practice SoundWave Yoga is an amalgamation of the following traditions. Sabrina Steczko trained for teacher certification in Tantra Kriya Yoga and The Cosmic Cobra Breath Level 1 lineage of Babaji Mahavatar Nagaraj, and Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan.

Who is Yogi Bhajan?

Yogi Bhajan is the founder of Kundalini Yoga, as a young man, Harbhajan Singh gravitated to study spiritual teachings and scriptures of many religions, his deep desire sought after truth, and so he visited and conversed with all the holy people that he could find. In high school, he was an admired athlete—won prizes in track events, served as captain of the soccer team, and played field hockey.

It was his mastery of Kundalini yoga that gave him the strength and stamina to be an unfailing champion. Graduating with his degree in Economics, Harbhajan Singh won prizes in Debate, and continued his athletic achievements. He then serve in the Indian Army. After military service he worked for the Indian Government, and he resigned to follow his intuition and destiny leaving for the Americas.

After two months in Canada, he flew to Los Angeles for a weekend trip, where he met a number of young hippies, the spiritual seekers of that time. Yogi Bhajan life’s story is vast he was an exceptional pioneer in many fields with a deep and compassionate insight into the human condition, Yogi Bhajan established permanent institutions, created spectacular events, and produced a prolific body of teachings. Some of his endeavours are the founding of a non-profit 3HO organization (Healthy, Happy, Holy) which mushroomed worldwide to more than 300 centers in 35 countries.

He became a member of the United Nations as an NGO (Non-Governmental-Organization). He wrote over 30 books. He then founded the International Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association, and KRI (Kundalini Research Institute) offering teacher-training courses throughout the world.

He was chosen to be the Mahan Tantric (only living Master of White Tantric Yoga), he led group meditations in cities all over the world. He was also bestowed with the title of Siri Singh Sahib by Sant Chanan Singh at the Akal Takhat. Through his efforts, Sikh Dharma became officially incorporated and recognized by the US Government as a religion.

He also empowered and encouraged women to realize their own worth and potential, he started the first Khalsa Women’s Training Camp in New Mexico, which lasted for 8 weeks. As a pioneer in Interreligious dialogue and ardent advocate of World Peace, Yogi Bhajan established the International Peace Prayer Day Celebration in New Mexico, which attracted thousands of peoples, including prominent national and international leaders in the realms of religion, politics, and humanity.

Information courtesy of Yogi Bhajan official website

What is Kundalini Yoga?

Kundalini Yoga is the yoga of awareness. This practice raises the energies of the body utilizing Asanas (posture), Mudras (hand positions), Pranayam (breath work), and Mantras (sound vibration) to attune and transform the nervous system and endocrine system. When you strengthen the nervous system, balance the glands, and stimulate the spinning vortices of lifeforce energy (chakras) your body, mind, emotions and life flows much more gracefully allowing the State of Kundalini to rise more frequently and effortlessly.

Side effects of Kundalini Yoga? Increase emotional stability, physical energy, mental acuity and creativity.

Traditionally, Kundalini yoga was a very secret yoga, passed down from initiate to initiate. Yogi Bhajan felt people should have the right to have access to these tools. He saw Kundalini yoga for the householder, for people who live and work in the world, and who have families. There is no requirement to be a monk living in a monastery, to be celibate, or to be away from life living in a closed sect. The only requirement is an individual needs to be aware and choose their thoughts and actions with consciousness.

There is no initiation in Kundalini yoga, each person initiates them self, which means an individual has to take the initial step to come before their own consciousness no matter the condition their mind or emotion. Kundalini yoga is a gift to humanity, for those who wish to deliver themselves with excellence at all time, especially during these challenging times to uplift themselves and serve others.

Hence, Yogi Bhajan broke the age old tradition of secrecy and decided to travel to the West in 1969 precisely to share the technology of Kundalini yoga.

Who is Mahavatar Babaji Nagaraj?

Mahavatar Babaji is also known by many names such as Babaji Nagaraj, Sri Guru Babaji, the mortal-immortal Avatar, the deathless Yogi, the Moola Guru as he is expert on the energies of the Mooladhara aka Muladhara (the root chakra) the seat of the Kunda Gland (this gland acts as a reservoir of cosmic energy, tucked under the coccyx bone) also referred to as the seat of Kundalini.

According to Marshal Govindan, author of the 18 Siddha Kriya Yoga tradition, Babaji was also named Nagarajan (The King of Serpents) by his parents. When Babaji was very young he was bitten by a cobra with fatal venom but Babaji had no symptoms. Hence, Babji is the father of The Cosmic Cobra Breath.

According to Sri M’s autobiography, Apprenticed to a Himalayan Master, Sri Guru Babaji aka Mahavatar Babaji was Lord Shiva (supreme being, one of the three principal deities in Hinduism Shiva is “the transformer” within the trimurti).

Like many other enlightened masters, Babaji was a real man, a mystic that once existed, who walked the earth, and has been alive for thousands of years living in caves in the Himalayas, appearing sometimes for some particular goal. As the mortal-immortal Avatar Babaji he is always watching over the welfare of humanity.

“Babaji” is a title that represents “honoured father,” it is a title used by many spiritual leaders, however the immortal Mahavatar Babaji is unique and not to be misunderstood with others who have the title Babaji. Mahavatar Babaji is a title given to an Indian saint and yogi. Mahavatar Babaji has been the source of inspiration leading to the foundation of various Yogic and Tantric schools, methods and philosophies that have emerged over time.

Many people saw him from the 18th to the 21th centuries. His appearance varied even when observed by many at the same time. One person Babaji had chosen to come to was Lahiri Mahasaya, and several of his disciples, he initiated them into the complete science of Kriya Yoga between 1861 and 1935. Some of these meetings were described by Paramahansa Yogananda in his book Autobiography of a Yogi.

As humanity enters the time of true awakening and clear interpretation of what all ancient scriptures were all attempting to describe. The Bible and the Mahabharata are two examples. Ancient Alien Theorists all agree, and many spiritual circles agree, that what is depicted as angels and gods in ancient scriptures is exactly that – aliens. All cultures have records of these visitors.

Super natural people who descended from the skies and taught humanity various things. Babaji is still alive and well living in other realms and dimensions, and he continues to appear to people at different times, like angles/aliens do – because you could see Babaji as an Alien Being. An eternal living Avatar. Call him what you want, the time to wake up to the true meaning of all these ancient allegories, metaphors and symbols is now.

What is The Cosmic Cobra Breath Lineage?

The 3 Roots of Mahavatar Babaji Nagaraj’s Family Tree. Babaji’s tradition flowed into three directions. See diagram here.

Sunyata Saraswati is the one and only yoga and qi gong master teacher in the world who has studied all three paths of Babaji’s lineage, he was also a member of the underground Order of Tantric Mystics called The Saraswati Order.

Sunyata Saraswati has trained many teachers around the world who continue to teach The Cosmic Cobra Breath (acronym CCB), yet committed practitioners and teachers are a minority because of the depth of this work. Hence, why this practice is called The Path of The Heart Warrior. It’s not easy keeping oneself always in a neutral space while navigating the many challenges we face in this fast-paced modern society.

Everyone needs more peace, happiness and love in this complex era of shifting paradigms. Many abandon the practice because their ego-desires are stronger than their faith and devotion, which is the foundation to building a relationship with the divine True Self, and the pathway leading into peace, health, happiness, bliss, and transpersonal experiences.

Brief Description of The Cosmic Cobra Breath?

As an oral tradition that has been passed on and recorded in memory from teacher to initiate, there are no written information anywhere about the breath or its technique. you will only find the basic description. The Cosmic Cobra Breath (acronym CCB) it is the Path of the Heart Warrior and not everyone.

Referred to as Babaji’s gift to humanity, The Cosmic Cobra Breath is recognized as the Royal Pranayama, also named the Tantric Kriya Kundalini Pranayam. The science of The Cobra Breath is a powerful psycho-spiritual brain activating bio-technology renowned among the most complete breath techniques of all existing breath-work exercises. It is the capstone of Babaji’s Tantric Kriya Yoga and many practitioners describe it as the most potent breath they have come across in all Yoga systems.

The Cosmic Cobra Breath ignites and amplifies the full expanded potential of the brain. It cleanses, strengthens and revitalizes the circuitry’s in the body’s—the nervous system, the sensory system, the meridian system, the endocrine system, and the circulatory system. It ensures proper function and synchronization of the body’s entire systems.

This one singular breath alone is complete in itself because it is the quintessence of inner alchemy. It is a supreme practice hence the name Royal Pranayama.

The Cosmic Cobra Breath has seven levels, four are taught from an initiated teacher and the other three will come to the practitioner through intuition, in dreams, or by Babaji appearing in person to the dedicated practitioner. He is the mortal-immortal Avatar and he is still alive and well, and navigates the space in between spaces, traveling through time at will.

Cosmic Cobra Breath improves memory, concentration and rejuvenates the body and brain while pealing layers of the subconscious mind and the emotional imprint from past to present. The Cosmic Cobra Breath awakens dormant parts of the brain and speeds up evolution.

The Cosmic Cobra Breath done correctly activates the Pineal and Pituitary glands, and the flow of Kundalini, it will also clear The Shadow Self and raise your vibration.

What does the Cobra, Snake or Serpent represent?

The cobra or snake is a symbol of wisdom, eternity, sexuality, transmutation, transformation, healing, Kundalini life force energy and mystic sight.

The transpersonal source of psychic faculties and mysticism can be described as a specific dimension or perception, and the cobra or snake is the representation of the highest form of perception—Psychic Ability.—A cobra was always depicted on the headdress of all Egyptian Pharaohs for this reason. A cobra also appears at the opening of Shiva’s third eye, as depicted in Indian art.

When the Kundalini energy “Serpent Fire” is coiled dormant in the pit of self, it is inactive. When through consistent devotional daily exercises it is aroused, and fanned from its embers into flames, it becomes a potent spiritual fiery energy.

Who is Sunyata Saraswati?

Sunyata Saraswati has studied and practiced the four schools of Meditation, Kriya Yoga, Tantra, Chi Gung, Tai Chi, and  Healing Arts for over forty years with masters in India, Nepal, China, Peru, Egypt, Europe and the United States.

He is author of numerous books such as: Agni Yoga Fire Breath Orgasm, The Practice of Sacred Sexuality, The Tantric Science of Tibetan Lhama Yoga: The Power to Heal, The Tantric Science of Tibeton Ihama Yoga – The Power To Heal, Activating the Five Cosmic Energies: The Ancient Tantric Science of Pancha Kama: Chakra Yantra Meditation, and co-author of The Jewel in the Lotus with Bodhi Avinasha.

The book followed with the filming of the documentary The Jewel in the Lotus it was also aired on television in the 80’s. Sunyata has received transmission through Paramahansa Yogananda, among many Masters he has studied with he also trained with Goswami Kriyananda (Sunyata was his top student) who then referred him to study with Swami Satyananda in India, who authorized Sunyata to bring the Cosmic Cobra Breath to the Western world.

He has gone deeply into the various energy systems, exercise systems and healing modalities. There remains probably no aspect of esoteric philosophy, theory and practice which he has not explored. He pursued his studies to the point that his teachers, in many disciplines, have authorized him to teach.

Sunyata has distilled the essence of these various schools to bring forth a practical system of physical, mental and spiritual development. Using some of the most powerful techniques known to humankind, his students experience rapid and sustainable progress. His youthful appearance and alert awareness belies his physical years, demonstrating the rejuvenating effect his teachings have on the body, mind and spirit.

Also a gifted artist, Sunyata enjoyed painting depictions that captured the cosmic dimensions that he taught. Sunyata was the founder and director of The Rejuvenation Research Institute in Phoenix Arizona, Beyond New-Age Research Center in Hollywood California, and Kriya Tantric Sciences in Sedona Arizona. Sunyata is the co-founder of Ipsalu Tantra International with Hollie L. Johnson (aka: Bodhi Avinasha), and he also has co-founded a few Martial Arts and Healing Arts Centers with other professionals and organizations.

What is the Neutral Mind?

This aspect of the mind is like a filter, it’s all about non-attachment, it’s the source of intuition, hence it’s the ultimate “win-win” mentality.

In Tanric Kriya Yoga we called The Neutral Mind = The Witness Consciousness – it is the practice of mindfully becoming The Observer in your daily activities.

The function of the neutral mind or witness consciousness is to observe the negative and positive minds and make an assessment, evaluates the input judging both in relation to our higher self. From its angle the neutral mind (also called, the meditative mind) looks at the whole play of life with compassion and gives us guidance within nine seconds (the 9 seconds rule).

If the neutral mind is weak, a person may have a hard time making decisions. They may have the habit of feeling like a victim in life, because they don’t know how to integrate their experiences and find meaning in them. They may also have a hard time seeing beyond the polarities of life on Earth and tuning into the great cosmic scheme of things.

What is Meditation and its Benefits?

The word meditation comes from the Latin root “meditari”  or “mederi”  and relates to “medical,”  which connects directly to health, wellness, and healing.

From this we can see that the word meditation then contains the essential idea of healing, or wholeness—the act of becoming whole in mind and expressing wholeness in our lives.

Living in a fast-paced world many are trapped in their multi-tasking thinking mind. Did you know that the intellect releases 1,000 thoughts in one second?

As we know yoga means union. Union with supreme consciousness and yoga without meditation looses all purpose and potentiality.

Yogi Bhajan said:  “Meditation can be described as your brain taking a mental shower. To wash away all thoughts and cleanse the mind from cerebral activity. It is a process that pierces through the innate self-sensory system, mind, and body, and ensures that the communication among all three is at optimal function.”

Meditation is the practice to control and transcend—the waves—of the mind. Meditation is about entering the state of  The Observer  within. Meditation is the application of  The Neutral Mind.  Everyone should meditate because its medicine to purify the mind, it is a tool—to enter the vast infinite void of stillness inside, the place of nothingness. Meditation is useful for breaking habits and to be in the effortless flow of things while handling day-to-day activities.


What is Sonica Sanctus?

Sonica Sanctus is SoundWave Yoga’s sound medicine sanctuary. Sound medicine which derives from the viewpoint of vibrational medicine. A term coined by Dr. Richard Geber author of Vibrational Medicine. SWY presents various group interactive sound vibration meditative events throughout the year, such as: soundwave gong bath, music of the spheres infusion, cosmic seeds interactive concert, and soundwave mizu meditative infusion.

What is Cosmic Seeds?

SoundWave Yoga’s band is Cosmic Seeds, who record chant and meditative soundscape albums. The band is composed of Sabrina Steczko, Angelia Crasto, Genevieve Adam, and Rad Crasto, as well as collaborate with other musicians/singers.

What are Mantras and Bija Mantras?

The word Mantra is composed of two Sanskrit syllables: MAN means the mind.

TRA refers to “trayati” it means “to liberate oneself,” also typify “instrument” which refers to a “method,” “system” or “modality.”

Listening to, or reciting Mantras regularly calms the nervous system, stimulates positive thinking and liberates us from negative influences. The origin of the theory of using mantras as a form of meditation goes way back for it is describe in the “Vedas” the most ancient spiritual text “Sanskrit Scriptures” in India.

Mantras are a one word syllables (Bija mantra), or phrases (short verse, sentence, prayer) that are spoken inwardly. When spoken out loud and repeated, mantras become chants.

The power of a Mantra is that it is uttered sub-vocally and therefore vibrates the spiritual body through thought, rather than vibrating the physical body through sound. Need to be combined with intention to produce physical and spiritual benefits. Mantras increase Prana or life force, and mantras are used across all religions and spiritual traditions.

The “Rishis” recognized the fact that sound was the primal health element that leads directly to Balance, Harmony, and Spiritual wholeness. When we concentrate all our attention and intention on a mantra, we are invoking the inherent power of our divine intuition and this process purifies and cleanses our consciousness.

In the New Testament, Gospel of John starts “In the beginning was the Word.” Light was not the beginning. Rather, it was sound in the form of divine speech. Neither the Old nor the New Testament contains a verse saying, “And God made light to shine” Instead, God creates the phenomenon by “Speaking it” and God SAID “Let there be light.”

Bija Mantras

Powerful one syllable mantras are referred to as seed sounds, these short, powerful sounds are used also as building blocks for longer mantras, example: Shanti means peace. Shreem means abundance or experiences of energy.

Other Hindu Bija Mantras:  known worldwide Om is the seed sound that contains the entire universe. It is the first Primordial sound from the beginning of time, from which all other sounds emerged, it also encompasses the present and the future. Tantrics define Om as the masculine aspect while Aum is the feminine or creation. Eim for flowing creativity, Dum for protection, Krim for dissolve the negative ego, Haum for transcendental consciousness.

Sikh Bija Mantras:  Ong is the creative energy, Namo means to bow or call on, Wahe refers to God, the Supreme Being or the creator of all. It means “Wonderful Teacher.” Guru broken down means Gu “Darkness” and Ru “Light”,  together they carry the meaning: The wondrous Lord who dispells the darkness of ignorance and bestows the light of truth, knowledge and enlightenment.

What is Toning?

Toning is the use of voice to express sound for release, relief and balance. Pre-lingual/ no coherent meaning relies primarily on vowels but may use consonants. Toning is the process of allowing sound to move through you. This also includes natural sounds such as yawning, sighing, etc.

Focusing on your breath, posture, and voice nourishes and restores you, through the closet healing sound you have, your own voice!

This also helps to improve your speaking voice, health and relationships. Those who use their voices as channel for healing–also teachers, actors, singers, storytellers create a quality of “In-Tone-Ation” that touches strings of the heart, organs, emotions and uplifts, balances, cleanse, (by tears) there are many ways.

Vocal vibration provides a means to massage our central nervous system, organs, glands and brain–the vibrational effect of vocalizing with intent is another way to access the doorway, the gate into the spiritual realm.

Chanting, singing, sounding, and toning, not only charges our system; it is also “a Re-Awakening of the Field Consciousness.” Dr. Alfred Tomatis calls it “The Breath of Life” or freedom.

This freedom is known to us by different names:

In biology, it’s called Life.
In affectivity, it’s called Love.
In psychology, it’s consciousness.
In theology, it’s called God.

What is Maya?

In the ancient Vedic scriptures, and modern literature dedicated to Indian traditions, Maya denote a “magic show, an illusion, where things appear to be present but are not what they seem.” Maya is the process that gives us the illusion of separateness.

Example; when an infant is born it’s consciousness is not different from its surrounding. It experiences life as if it is part of everything, as if life is rotating around itself. Gradually, as the child grows, it slowly comes to wake up from its illusionary perception of self as the center of the universe. It begins to distinguish between that which is “me” and that which is “not me” this is the awakening from Maya.

What is Karma?

Karma is known by many cultures, yet it originates from ancient India and is a key concept in Buddhism, Hinduism, Sikhism, Jainism, and Taoism. Karma basically means action, work, or deed—and refers to the cause and effect where the intention and actions of an individual (cause)—will influence their future (effect).

Karma is a spiritual law that applies to mental, moral, and physical actions. The ego attaches and identifies itself to objects, feelings, and thoughts.

These attachments create a predisposition toward certain behaviours, instead of acting—we react. Karma are the conditions (or consequences) required to balance (or bring order and justice) to the tendencies (sequences) that come from the attitude of personality (or ego-mind).

What is Dharma?

Dharma is when the caterpillar has broke free from the chrysalis as a butterfly. It is when one experiences life through their refined mind. Dharma is when the template is cleared. It is about living life in the harmonious flow where an individual becomes positive and graceful.

They possess the conscious and natural ability to turn negative into positive, to support all their actions with their etiquette and abilities. These virtues come from their devoted commitment. Dharma is developed and maintained through sadhana, aradhana, and through jappa and discipline. One who lives their dharma becomes a leader that elevates all.

What does Liberation mean?

Liberation is the release from the cycle of birth and death, when our thoughts, emotions and actions cease to create karma—this is when we enter dharma—this release symbolizes total liberation.

And, it is important to note that strategies and conditions of an individual to become liberated are different in each of the four different Yugas (Ages or Epochs) through which humanity evolves as a whole.

There are 4 Yugas in one cycle of Kalpa:

Satya Yuga – The Age of Wisdom
Treta Yuga – The Age of Ritual
Dwapara Yuga – The Age of Doubt
Kali Yuga – The Age of Conflict (we are exiting this here and now)

Define Reincarnation?

Reincarnation literally “to be made flesh again,” is the belief that the soul, after death of the body, comes back to earth in another body (we also return to other planes of existence within other unknown dimensions, on other planets, born within other civilizations of beings with higher consciousness.

Earth is not the only cradle of intelligent life, in fact, we are newborns when it comes to universal intelligence, and technology, and we are genetically linked to our cosmic family tree. In space-time-continuum there is no past, future, and present—all coexists simultaneously).

So, reincarnation is the recycling of your soul, the cycle of birth and death manifested through the portal of karma. Hence, all of our thoughts, emotions, and actions—become the blueprint for our next incarnation. Our thoughts and actions create causes, and these causes have consequences, which must be completed at the next round of our existence, in order to bring about equilibrium.

In the ancient scripture How to Know God, the Yoga Aphorism of Patanjali states this:

“This doctrine of reincarnation, which at first seems to grim and heartless, actually implies a profound optimistic belief in the justice and order of the universe. If it is—we and not god or our parents, or our fellow men—who have made our present predicament, then it is we who can change it. We have no excuse for self-pity and no reason for despair. We are not helplessly doomed. We are under the mysterious prenatal curse. All we need is courage and a determination not to give up the struggle.”

What is Asanas?

Asanas are postures (or exercise) practiced in all yoga styles. However, Kundalini yoga has personalized asanas that are not used in Hatha yoga such as: spinal flex, life nerve stretch, and spinal twist. A specific sequence of postures builds the foundation of a Kriya.

Asana as Exercise:  1) isolates specific muscles, 2) pressurizes specific points or areas to enhance glandular and organ function,  3) re-directs, flushes, or increases circulation.

Asana as a Meditation:  1) creates a special link and foundation between mind and body,  2) releases emotional masking and blocks stimulated by the posture.

Asana as a Connection to Energy Flow:  opens energy pathways between meridians.

What is Bhandas?

Bhandas are “body locks” that cut or block an energy current once inside the body in order to hold in, or hold out, energy. Holding in an energy serves to cultivate and soak up the energetic nutrients from that current or charge.

There are 4 Bhandas:

Mula Bandha—contraction of the perineum

Uddiyana Bandha—contraction of abdomen area into the rib cage

Jalandhara Bandha—tuck the chin close to the chest

Maha Bandha—combining all three of the above

What is Mudras?

Mudras are gestures (or positions) involving arms, hands, and fingers. They are locks (or seals) used to connect and activate electrical currents (meridians) inside the body and brain, and act as agents for transmutation of energy.

Mudras are used to eliminate various ailments simply by liberating the energy locked within the “meridians” or “nadis.” Here is each finger’s association which corresponds to acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine.

Elements:  Water in the pinky. Earth in the ring finger. Ether in the middle finger. Air in the index. Fire in the thumb. 

Planets:  Mercury in the pinky. Venus in the ring finger. Saturn in the middle finger. Jupiter in the index. Mars in the thumb.

Chakras:  Sacral in the pinky. Root in the ring finger. Throat in the middle finger. Heart in the index. Solar plexus in the thumb.

What is Nadis?

Nadis connect to the nervous system and endocrine system this is understood in acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine.

The Sushumna is the central channel of three unifying forces; this primarily “Nadi” is the central conduit which also contains two opposite governing channels of flowing energy, one masculine, the other feminine. The Sushumna is a bipolar magnet also called The Pranic Tube. It expands into the shape of a Torus. Some call it the Tube Torus. This Tube is the central channel of the body’s electromagnetic flow of energy.

Ida–is the lunar channel of the 3 Nadis, Yin, female energy in every person, its color is yellow

Pingala–is the solar channel of the 3 Nadis, Yang, male energy in every person, its color is red.

The central 3 Nadis are also represented as the Caduceus.

What is the Etymology of Tantra?

TAN represent “tanoti” which means “to expand,” “to stretch,” “to extend.”

Extend is an old European root word that we see in both “extension” and “tension.” The implications are that there is tension between two polarities.

TAN refers to the extension that underlies the entire universe. Tantra studies the working of the gods it’s about the lord Shiva (a cosmic being, also refers to the masculin energy within) and Shakti (a human, also refers to the feminine energy within). These aspects are the primal female and male energies that creates the universe. It’s the tension that creates the universe.

TRA refers to “transcend’. To “go beyond” it’s in “transpersonal,” this refers to TaRa, it’s in the concept, the root of TRA in Sanskrit and TRA always implies going beyond something. Transcending it.

It’s also at the root the number 3. When you take the basic polarity of something, the tension between things, and then you transcend it with three-ness, so you make a pyramid, or a triangle, TRI-angle. That concept of TRA is within all concepts of 3. It’s in the Trinity.

The word “trayati” means “liberation,” also “instrument” which refers to a “method,” “system” or “modality.”

The words “tantrism” and “tantricism” are modern words; both derived from “tantra,” which were used since the 19th century to refer to a complex and broad body non-Vedic teachings.

The word “tantras” mean “looms” or “weavings” and refers to numerous and varied “scriptures” pertaining to “several esoteric traditions” rooted in Buddhist, Hindu and Taoist philosophy.

What is Tantra?

Tantra means a “treatise” or “exposition,” this refers to a scripture that you read, or a discourse that you listen to. You could deduct that in ancient times the word Tantra represented what we refer to today as—“holistic living” and “self-development”—which point towards self-realization and balance.

A daily holistic practice should bring together all aspects of the self; emotional, intellectual, spiritual, and physical. Each element in equilibrium, all together into alignment, represent wholeness. In ancient times a holistic system was defined by the word tantra. Meaning “to weave,” energies together.

The general description—tantra is about the cultivation of oneself through devotion and transmuting primal sexual energy to activate Kundalini and raise that energy into consciousness. Yet there is a big misunderstanding about Kundalini in our world, there is absolutely no need whatsoever for sexual energy. Gopi Krishna and Yogi Bhajan, to name a few, talks about this.

Sexual energy is not what activates Kundalini. This is the greatest misconception. Tantra has been distorted. Century after century, true Tantrics have witnessed that the true meaning, essence, and connotation of the word “Tantra” been watered-down and washed-out over time. 

There are many traditions and nuances in Tantra. The well is deep and misunderstood as well. In consequence, misrepresented by some, while others misuse it for personal purposes, or as a marketing tool.

What is Kundalini?

Kundalini is an enhancement of awareness and zest for life. 

“Enlightenment is a faculty of perception beyond the intellect and the next step in human evolution. This faculty is the ability to directly perceive conscious as the primary reality.” ~ Michael Bradford, Institute for Consciousness Research

Kundalini has been called by many names “Shakti Energy,” “Coil Power,” and “Serpent Fire.” Kundalini is a place where dormant cosmic energy lies coiled three and a half times at the base of the spine, from which all potential might be accessed. There is a gland tucked under the sacral bone, at the lower end of the spine.

In Sanskrit it is called the Kunda. Medical science did identify this gland and referred to it as the coccygeal body, but doesn’t understand its function. Today when Googling Kunda gland it appears that it was removed from the medical science database. “Kunda” means “Reservoir.”

Kundalini is also known as Nirvana, Moksha, Samadhi and Enlightenment. In Hebrew this experience is “Daath.” In Buddhism and Hinduism we call this experience of knowledge “Satchitananda” which translates as “Truth, Consciousness, Bliss.” Buddha spoke of the middle path to achieve Nirvana. He was describing the central channel of the three main Nadis: the Sushumna. These traditons are describing the flow of Kundalini.

What is Kundalini Energy?

Kundalini energy is an evolutionary life force. An internal phenomenon that naturally occurs within the human body and consciousness to assist mankind in accessing the higher dimensions of Cosmic Consciousness. Kundalini energy is like psychic fuel for our ever evolving brain.

Kundalini is our biological natural birthright, yet it can create commotion if someone is not well prepared for truth. Kundalini is a divine experience that every human being of all ancient cultures have described.

The experience of Kundalini rises like a tidal wave, it is a Cosmic Consciousness that emerges from within consciousness. Gopi Krishna also spoke about how Kundalini has a hereditary component, that somehow the body had to be ready for this. The nervous system had to be in a certain state of health.

Not health as in healthy, but more as in a stage of learning development. In other words, an individual had to be ripe and ready—for the experience to emerge.

When Kundalini moves through you it starts to tune you up, elevate you, expand you—and attune you with the celestial spheres within the infinite dimensions.

The anatomy and physiology of the physical body (as well as the electromagnetic and multidimensional aspect) is the same for every individual, no matter their religion—the soul is the same no matter a person’s cultural background or creed.

Where is Kundalini Located?

Kundalini energy is eternally existent, present everywhere at all time, throughout space-time-continuum. Let’s use the analogy of a radio. The human electromagnetic body can receive or tap into many frequencies. Through commitment and dedicated practice we can, like a radio, dial into the Kundalini bliss station. All we need to do is tune-in to the frequency.

From a physiological level, Kundalini life force energy moves up and down the spin traveling from the sacral bone to the crown of the head through the Sushumna, the central Nadi channel.

Is Kundalini Dangerous?

I’m not certain if “dangerous” is the right word to utilize. If you’re not ready for this surge of potent cosmic energy, yes, it can turn your world upside down and inside out.

There is no danger about raising Kundalini life force energy, yet it is true that if you are not well prepared and ready for this evolutionary experience you could have a bad experience handling this cosmic force, and perhaps emotionally deeply stirred. It is important to release and transmute the emotional baggage to bring the repressed subconscious feelings into consciousness before cultivating Kundalini.

Some people have labelled Kundalini as diabolical mysticism which produces physical pain, depression and madness. Some yoga teachers speak of Kundalini as a fiery energy that rushes up the spine and warn students that it can cause hallucinations and insanity. Those who say that are simply repeating what they heard. There has been very few Yogini’s who have actually witnessed, or hear of someone go insane, or done harm to themselves or others.

There is nothing strange or dangerous about this cosmic energy. Kundalini is simply the flow of Cosmic Consciousness. The preparation of your mind for sudden flashes of insight is of paramount importance. It is advised to not take any shortcuts and to not seek Kundalini by taking drugs.

Kundalini is not chemically induced. It is energetically induced, naturally. However, psychedelics can (depending of the individual’s state of mind, health and readiness) open a window to give a person a “short glimpse”, a peak into the infinite as psychedelics may offer a short-lived insight.

Taking chemical drugs regularly clogs up the central nervous system, the glandular/chakra system and the auric fields. In so doing, creating fossilize pockets of energy, or dense energy blocks in the auric field.

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